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Building Cleaning Services

Building cleaning and building maintenance services provide and perform building or facility cleaning and maintenance or repair on a daily, weekly, or ad hoc basis. Services can include office cleaning services, janitorial services, facilities maintenance personnel, and building maintenance and repair companies.

Our professional and experienced cleaning staff does the job right the first time, giving you confidence that your office and other buildings will always look their best and make a great first impression on your clients.


Many small businesses cannot afford the cost of hiring full-time building cleaning and/or maintenance staff. As a result, building cleaning and maintenance services are available on a contract basis. They can serve multiple businesses in the same building or office park, or provide multiple services within the same building or facility. For example, office cleaning services and maintenance services may clean all of the offices on one of or more floors of a high rise building. They may also perform basic repairs to desks, chairs, and cubicles. A janitorial service may clean corporate suites on a daily basis and perform activities such as window cleaning several times a year. Typically, a commercial cleaning company begins work after a business’ normal working hours. In this way, personnel can perform potentially disruptive or noisy activities without affecting worker productivity.